What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni Steaming is a age old herbal remedy that cleanses and detoxes the uterus, regulate menstruation, relieves cramping & bloating. Steamingholistic health practice where warm herbal steam gently permeating the exterior of her vagina and up into the womb. Our ancestors believed that all herbs are medicines that allows us to reconnect with our bodies. During a yoni steam plant oil are carried up into the vagina, in fact plants do have a close dna structure to humans.
Ancient Practices
"Yoni" is a Sanskrit word that means sacred space, also vagina, womb, & goddess.
Imagine to my surprise when one day when I was sharing with my Mother about this "New Thing" called Yoni Steaming. She quickly gave me that "There's nothing new under the sun look". Her Mother and her Mother's Mother used steaming herbs as well for ulcers, stomach pain and more. Is this where I get my herbalist thumb?
Yoni steams will leave you feeling refreshed and confident its natural healing abilities aids in balancing your hormones and reducing pain & fatigue. Often times we don't shed all of the vaginas tissue and the build up of uterine lining from the previous cycle causes irritation. (Yoni Pearls) also work for vaginal tissue build up. When this happens old tissue comes out and the yoni is back to deeply cleansing itself.  Fertility becomes higher when using our yoni steams and yoni detox pearls because now the egg is able to attach and grow properly to the uterine wall.
Vaginal tissues is the thinnest tissue, which make it really for the herbal plant medicine to absorb into your blood stream to the necessary places in our womb that needs healing. 
Benefits of Yoni Steams
•Calmer periods
•Reduced cramping
•Pelvic toning
•Aids in healing  endometriosis
Shrinking hemorrhoids
Rids Bacteria Vaginosis
Yeast Infections
Increasing fertility
Purges Toxins from your body
Vaginal Dryness ( If you are experiencing low libido try our Neetle Based Yoni Steam
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