Yoni Detox Pearls

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Detox pearls is an an Ancient healing method used for over 5,000 years. The pearls consist of natural herbal ingredients, that are 100% plant based, no chemicals. These herbs support proper female reproductive organ functions and aid in prevention of serious issues  

Number of pearls suggested :

(3) Pearls - Trial Pack

(6)Pearls - Vaginal Dryness, Infertility, Irregular Bleeding, Endometriosis 

(9)Pearls -  Yeast Infections, Vaginal Odor, Vaginal Itching, Urinary Infections 

(12)Pearls - Bacterial Vaginosis, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Heavy Menstrual Cramping/Pain 

(15)Pearls - Cysts 

(48)Pearls - Fibroids 


Detox pearls are not intended for women with hymen still intact (virgins), or breastfeeding or pregnant women

Detailed Instuctions for Deep Cleanse

  1. Begin with clean hand and Clean Yoni

2. Insert 3 pearls as close to cervix as possible using the longest finger or applicator 

3. Leave pearls in for 72 hrs (3days) then remove

4. Discharge will secrete over a period of an additional 72hrs

5. You may follow up with a second cleanse after 72hrs repeating steps 1-3

Sensitive or Routine Cleanse 

1. Recommend for sensitive women, manitenance, and also if IUD is inserted 

2. Hand insert 1-2 pearls as close to the cervix as possible

3. Follow steps 3-5 of Deep Cleanse 

Pearls can be used anytime 3hours after sex, 2-3 days after menses (cycle) has ended or at least 10 days before your menstrual begin. DO NOT have intercourse during insertion period, until a day after all discharge is secreted from your vagina. Showers are recommended for this detox process rather than baths. Please Drink Plenty of Water.  64 Oz to aid on the removal of toxins from your womb center.  

Remember those with fibroids or cyst will need more than a client experiencing lesser ailments.